Making a book for collecting assessment and materials on the last semester

01 Oct


Nurul Hidayah Istiqomah (20110540085)

For the past curriculum, student study about the materials that was already exists that give by teacher but from the period 2004 until now curriculum was change. In this curriculum the student should be active to improve their skill without leave the solidarity and work in group although all of student on a competition. This curriculum namely Curriculum based Competence (CBC). On Curriculum Based Competence student is not object anymore but student is a subject on learning and there is value on every student activity, so that the teacher just to be facilitator for student. The teacher role is not really apply it this curriculum because all of learning activity was rely to the student and the teacher just be supervisor. In CBC student should increase their skill with themselves. CBC is a good curriculum that supports the student more be active and the student very enthusiastic when they get the assessment from teacher, they search some recourse from the book, article, internet, and any where that can give them resource. Students should be improving their creative thinking so that they will not get loss from other friends.  In Fact, in the real condition like in University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) especially on major English education department where we study, we saw that not all student really active in their learning, sometime they feel lazy to be active and do a lot of assessment and they also do not the assessment on the group. They do not active to share the idea or just follow their friends on the group, and the result they just put or “hitchhike” their name on a homework or assessment. They don’t make something to themselves to make some motivation that pushes them to do the assessment.  Finally, they will don’t understand the materials until the end of the lesson period.images

Activities in a University is rather free than in a school because, the lecture think that the entire students was mature and can organize themselves. The lecture may not give more attentions to force their student to study. This is impact to some student that not diligent and not active is not good, because they will get down on their motivation. Sometimes, when the student on the class they are not doing anything they just sitting, listening people speak, get signature and then go, and they don’t understand and don’t know what they got on that day in the class. When they not active on the class, so that they will don’t have any value for the activity, almost student that not active will feel embrace and un-confidence in the class. On the other hand, when the lecture gives some assessment the student feel lazy to do because they don’t have any motivation to push the power of themselves. Especially on the group assessment, they feel un-confidence with their opinion or the ideas were not accepted. The student more likes to keep silent or relay the job to other friends. This situation will make the student more passive and in-effective.

There are some solutions that was tried to solve the problems. On the group assessment, the students make some schedule to gathering all of group members to do the assessment and share idea. When the student working in the group, they should gathering to brainstorming and focus on the work. The students also need to divide work sections to all of group members. In fact, when dividing assessment like a make schedule, often they ignore or break the appointment and then they just rely to each other. When dividing work, student often ignore or waste times to finishing the assessment, because they almost like to enjoy the gathering and do some activity that not important to them such as talking issue, play games, chatting, joking, and the other. It is making in-effective on group working so, they don’t look at priority. In the group working will be a lot of flirtation. Sometimes, the student don not want to understand with the friend that they rely on. These situations also have bad impact to student because they ignore their responsibility. The situation will make group assessment more hard than individual assessment.

We suggests to this situations that on every last of semester, the student should make a book or thin book about the material that they was learned from one lesson and that is individual assessment. So that, all of the student should be active and really learn the material with themselves, although they don’t really understand about the material, but they have the real result about something that they learn on that semester, and anytime they can open their own book again when they need to learn it more. In our opinion this is a good idea because, not only make student more be active, but also can improve the student ability on writing skills and enriching their vocabulary. Indirectly, students are forced to reading more to add their knowledge and add the materials to their work. In addition, the book has a lot of advantages. Not only easy to keep the knowledge, but also easy to bring anywhere we want because thin book will not heavy and also not pricy to make it, so that it will not be burden. We think that making a book is convenient choice and we think this is a little force to student to get note and result for their learning, a little force to student to study hard, and a little force to the student to be successful. 

Students are studying using laptop now, so that they save their data to the soft fails. Sometimes, they forget which one fail that save the special data, because they have a lot of fails in their laptop or flash disk. In the other hand, if they collect the data print it out to hard copy and make it to be thin book, they will easy to get the data again and they can still save their data more effective than using soft fails. The student also can explore their own language that make easy to understand it. They also can keep their knowledge and share it to the other friends; moreover they can share their knowledge to all of people. Using book is classic way to study, so that the students never worry if nothing electric to plug in their battery because the book never need power energy from electric to use. They can still keep their study without disturbing.

The people said that the book is the window of the world. Making book not only give students motivation, but also teach the student and exercise the student to make a real book, so that nothing impossible if the student able to make a real book or best seller book. In this world, nothing book that not useful, every book bring a lot of benefit. When the student makes a book (although just a thin book) they will able to develop their brainstorming and with time running they will have talent to make a great book. A great book able to make people to be famous and the people can blow the world with a great book. The lecture can imagine this if one of their student to be a great person with his book. It can be more than proud if the lectures see that almost their students be great people. The book can be infestations that more than precious and valuable to the life. Making a book also able to change student’s destiny if they want to study more, so that be also not possible if the entire of the student be able to make a great book, all of them will get their successful to their life.

To conclude, making book is the better way to increase student’s ability, and to develop their skills. Lecture can try to apply this idea to improve student’s motivations. It can make proud the lecture if their students get the success on learning process. It will happen if the student have a lot of motivation and get a little force. Nothing bad impact from this idea, exactly it can develop student’s brainstorming and give a lot of inspiration. The brain should think every time, because if the brain stops to think, it can make less the brain’s capability. When the capability of the brain was lost, the student will feel hard to think something easy; it can happen to almost the student that not usually thinking. Making a book is one thing that can force the students to always think about the materials that should be taken on their book. Indirectly, it can give examination on every time for student’s brain. Lecture can say to their students, if they don’t want their student’s knowledge lost without trace, asks the student to keep their knowledge to the book.

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