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Making a book for collecting assessment and materials on the last semester


Nurul Hidayah Istiqomah (20110540085)

For the past curriculum, student study about the materials that was already exists that give by teacher but from the period 2004 until now curriculum was change. In this curriculum the student should be active to improve their skill without leave the solidarity and work in group although all of student on a competition. This curriculum namely Curriculum based Competence (CBC). On Curriculum Based Competence student is not object anymore but student is a subject on learning and there is value on every student activity, so that the teacher just to be facilitator for student. The teacher role is not really apply it this curriculum because all of learning activity was rely to the student and the teacher just be supervisor. In CBC student should increase their skill with themselves. CBC is a good curriculum that supports the student more be active and the student very enthusiastic when they get the assessment from teacher, they search some recourse from the book, article, internet, and any where that can give them resource. Students should be improving their creative thinking so that they will not get loss from other friends.  In Fact, in the real condition like in University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) especially on major English education department where we study, we saw that not all student really active in their learning, sometime they feel lazy to be active and do a lot of assessment and they also do not the assessment on the group. They do not active to share the idea or just follow their friends on the group, and the result they just put or “hitchhike” their name on a homework or assessment. They don’t make something to themselves to make some motivation that pushes them to do the assessment.  Finally, they will don’t understand the materials until the end of the lesson period. Read the rest of this entry »

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