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penghapus masa lalu

Hal yang paling aku benci adlah menunggu
sampai sekarang pun aku tak percaya
menunggu sudah menjadi pekerjaanku slama ini
Ini benar2 gila !!!
andai saja hari yang tlah berlalu bisa terlupa dengan mudah
pasti rasanya tak akan sekuat sekarang ini
Hari yang tlah berlalu meninggalan kenangan yang begitu indah
tapi semua itu menjadi api yang melahap semua keindahan itu
terasa sekali hati ini sakit
melepuh perih karna mengingat kenangan itu
Seolah dunia menjadi sangat kecil dan menghimpit
Adakah penghapus masa lalu?
Agar luka ini bisa segera terobati

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In this assignment I am join the group that teaching in unit 2, especially in fourth grade (4A). Every we want to start we open with prayer. And then teachers begin by discussing the previous week’s lesson, after learning that, we add new addresses that have been prepared by us (teachers) for today’s meeting, we are discussing the matter proceed to completion. Sometimes we learn with play game, because this system able to overcome the bored and tired from students. In the first and second meeting we learn about introduce. And the day after that, we learn about the way to read the alphabet in English, number, the names of days and mount, and others. Sometimes, we insert some new vocabulary to them, because they have a few vocabulary and they also not really remember about the vocabularies that they have. After finish we close with pray together.
At the time of learning a few students that gives the attention to us. Although, There is student that not give noticed at all, But most students are join the class enthusiastically,So the students want to really learn the English language was annoyed by the students who crowded and noisy. Initially, we felt a bit of confusion, and as a teacherwewere disappointed with the attitude of them. There is student that fighting rather frequently. Sometimes, we must scream to handle them, but gradually their attitude was fairly well, this practicum is really galvanizing us. This assignment make us awake, the teacher must be extra patient to face the student. This assignment helps us to more knowing the character of students in elementary school.And the other hand, we feel very satisfied, happy and proud of this assignment.

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