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life skill

I think you were known what is hard skill and soft skill, but do you know about life skill? And also what is the essence of life skill? Well, if you read this paper until the last you will know about life skill and you will know what the importance of life skill in education, and How Islam view the live skill?. In the other hand, I want to give some example about the people who have applied live skill in their life that can be your inspiration to your work.
Termsof life skillsis defined asone’s ownabilitytowantanddare toface theproblemsin the life, and livingnaturallywithout feelingpressured, and then with thepro-activelyandcreatively they can searchandfindsolutionsthatable to overcome all of their problems (DirjenPLSP, DirectorateTeenage, onflik, eterampil-technical, 2003). Meanwhile, according toWorldHealth Organization (WHO), life skill is the abilityforadaptiveand positivebehaviorthat makesa personneedsthe abilitytoresolverequirement andchallenges in everyday effectively.
Lifeneverpromised theeasily. Butpeople areableto fight throughfailure, misfortune, and difficulty, and thenhetried to get outoftrouble. He is thepersonwhodeserves to be calleda success person.
Life skill is necessary for the happiness and success, both at school and in the future. Because it is very dangerous if the pre-school programs focus on the academic side only and just ignoring the social aspects of development, in the other hand children needs school programs that focus for the preparation in all areas of development. Research shows how important the readiness of social / emotional for student’s success in elementary school, and even success in the world of work. This is the one of ability who called life skills. Unfortunately, this ability is rarely given in school. Most schools only teach students to focus academically intelligent, without equipping them with the life skills. Actually, it is must be possessed of capital importance in the conduct of human life, regardless of choice of profession. As the teacher to be in the future I willapplysomeschoolprogramsthatfocuson readinessinall areas ofdevelopment. So that childrenacquire the skillsor theprovisionforthe life to come.
Allah’s Apostle (Rasulallah SAW) was taughttoeducateMuslim childrenso thatthey are intelligentin real life, with the abilityandthe child’s developmentrather thanassessmentbased on figuresin thereport cardorranking ofthe classincreases. Throughthe concept oflifeskills, ProphetMuhammad developed the studentsto become major figuresinhis adult life, evenatan early age they have made a lot of amazing history.
I ever read the story of Mrs. Haryanti. That is inspiration story. In there, I can learn patience and diligence when we face problem in business. The aspect which is making MrsHaryanti chooses for build the business of batokkelapa after her business has blocked. Furthermore, she believes this business very interesting and it willbe popular at the market. She has the process that not easy but, that’s make Mrs. Haryanti and her husband reap the rewards of their hard struggle. Andthe role of her family is very important, because her husband that make the machine for smoothen their business. They can thrifty they modal. Although, yanti was get success with her batokkelapa business,Yanti has not feel satisfied with her success, so she has another challenge to her business. Yanti and her husband have another creativity to make another business about culinary,there is empingketela with another taste, she helped by her husband to make the machine to help their job. In addition, they hope their EmpingKetela Culinary will sell as their BatokKepala and also can help financial people around them.
I also was read the story about Susi, Yanti, SandiagaUno,andElangGumilang. they also give me a lot of inspirations. ElangGumilang becomes success from his creative to be better live. He can inspire me from his live, such as when he was studying in Senior High School, he had already look money to his live, like a sold Donat cake to get money. Besides that, he wants the various competitions that the money is used for purposes study. In addition, he also sold shoes to her friends in the dormitory. That is extraordinary struggle makes me deeply moved. And when he was failed he was still trying to keep struggling to find money. He was trying to find the new creativities by selling bulbs around and also continue to strive to establish English language institute at his college. This is the struggle of aElangGumilang can utilize the time during his life, and do not necessarily have people like a this era, when high school has been making money for own selves. He alsostruggletobecame a founder of the poor houses. SandiagaUddinUno very high and optimism make he was rise from adversity he faced.SandiagaUddin Uno inspired me that trouble behind there must be easy, so let us not to always be sad when we get in trouble, keep trying to get way out of the problems. So now, he becomes a success man by establishing PT Saratoga Capital (Investment Company) with his friend Edwin Soerjadja. Continued until he achieved unbelievable success also led some companies. so the point is do not be sad and do not be discouraged is when we face the problem but keep trying to stay afloat and find a way out of problems. SandiagaUddin Uno taught us don’t forget to always to ask to God whatever we want, because as we know that only God that we hope. Likesusi, susi is not able to finish her Senior high school and did not get a diploma for applying employment. In fact Susi now become a success of her hard work and tenacity to build from creativities with herself, from the capital of the jewelry and then sold the fish around, and eventually becoming an owner of a fleet. And susi also is a hard worker. She can inspired me from her live, she inspired from an idea into a remarkable fact, that business not succeed, but with hard work and full of confidence he can conquer the buyer and can rousing success. Susi face a lot of obstacles in her life but she never give up. She always struggles to continue her life on the make and success with her own struggle.

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