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Boyolali is the smile city


Hallo my friend my name is nurul hidayah istiqomah. You can call me aya. I will to know you about boyolali town. Boyolali is one of the Tourism Destination Region in Central Java is situated on the slopes of Mount Merapi and Merbabu so it has an exotic landscape. Boyolali district also has the International Airport of Adisumarmo Airport within ±25 miles of the City of Culture Surakarta (Solo). Boyolali have the healty eart, in there many plant can growing well. Boyolali famous for dairy cows and have the motto “BOYOLALI TERSENYUM” (Order, Elegant, Neat, Healthy, Comfortable for the Community).
Renowned for its superb culture , Mount Merapi – Merbabu, cow’s delicious milk which very good for the brain, traditional foods (lethok sauce), and draw the souvenirs .there is many place of turizm too, for axsemple : tlatar, kedung ombo, selo, keteb, and many others.

Tlatar is one of the existing natural attractions Boyolali district, which in this case can be classified in the water attractions. The main attraction of the tourist attraction is fishing tlatar that provides a variety of freshwater fish and the suport of tha place is the presence of a swimming pool for all ages, pakecehan parks and natural scenery is amazing and there is also a stage entertainment that is usually held on certain events for example: padusan, etc.

And the others is kedung ombo,that place have beautifull scenery.and u can find the beautifull sunset in there, very interesting and amazing.and in here lot of cajuput oil trees. And you can find a rental motor boat there. So, you can play with your friends.

In selo you can Feel the atmosphere of an unspoiled countryside typical mountain area with local residents to stay home and follow the daily activities of villagers Samiran. For exsample: planting vegetables, picking stawberry fruits, study in a rabbit farm, making special food , making mask and traditional dance costumes, learning traditional arts (Dance Turonggo Seto, topeng Ireng and gamelan), milk cows and etawa goats. This region became a fertile agricultural land for vegetables and has developed into a tourist village in the Village and Lencoh Samiran village.that is a little discription about boyolali town that I know. If you interes to doing that, you can try to come to boyolali.


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Yesterday, I was tried to interview with some tourism in Yogyakarta, especially in malioboro. I think that is very funny and full of shame. I went to malioboro with my friend. It was my first interview with some tourism. I felt so anxious and nervous when I tried to spoke with them. Before I talked with them, I was learned some question to them. But, when I was talking, my prepare was lost. And I very difficult to piled my question. I very confused to talked with them and understand them. And that was made me conscious if my English is very poor. And I will improve it again hardly. But, in this time, I was struggling to do that. So I hope my assignment can make my beautiful lecture smile to me . Read the rest of this entry »

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